If you need a Personal Loan for Urgent Matters, Golden Credit is here to help!



Personal Loans at Golden Credit

Sometimes life can throw you a curveball which placed you in a financial shortfall position. Financial deficiency can happen anytime; it’s a common situation globally. A personal loan can offer temporary financial solutions until you are able to reassesses your finances assets. This is where Golden Credit steps in, we are here to help and make a difference. Whether you are having problems with bills payment, wedding plans, housing loan or your kid’s education, our personal loans solutions can instantly help lift that pressing weight off your shoulder.

Fast approval rate.

Easy application process.

Minimum paper work.

What do you need to Qualify?

You must be between 21 and 65 years of age.

Have your Identification Card ready.

Earn a Minimum annual gross income of S$20,000 and above.

Singapore Citizen/Permanent Resident or Work Pass Permit Employees.

Want to find out more? Golden Credit is a professional and fully licensed money lending company based in Singapore. We offer licensed Personal Loans at the best interest rate that is designed to meet your personal needs.

We can help you in meeting any of your personal requirements,like buying a vehicle, home appliances, and marriage or for renovation etc or facing troubles with catering to unplanned expenses.

 Personal Loans

Nowaday’s, livelihood is becoming more and more expensive. The rising cost of living is is a worry for many and had exert unforeseen impact on your personal finances. Without straining too much on your personal finance, sometimes all you need is a little help. Golden Credit has been assisting with people from all walks of life, leverage on our expertise to ease your temporary financial gap.

Getting the personal loans from us is a simple and hassle free process. We understand the importance of increasing your cash flow and to ease your burdens, that is the reason we have designed our Personal Loans packages suitable to your requirements with a reasonable rate of interest.

We encourage you to speak with us to explain your situation, allow us to tailor a loan solution that is useful in aligning with your lifestyle. Call us on 62241300 and we will gladly answer any questions or provide additional information that you may have.