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Note: In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012, the personal details collected by Golden Credit (S) Pte Ltd, will only be used for the purpose of loan application. (Registry of Moneylenders, Moneylenders Credit Bureau, DP Information Network Pte Ltd)

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Welcome To Golden Credit

Golden Credit is a professional and fully licensed money lending company based in Singapore. As a leading moneylender, we provide all types of loan including personal, short-term, debt consolidation, credit preservation as well as customisation loan according to your needs.

Benefits of choosing us

At Golden Credit, we are dedicated in putting in that extra effort in helping people to ease their financial woes and difficulties, so that you can move on with more important priorities in their life. Perhaps you need some cash to tide you over till your payday, or perhaps you are short of funds for your 3-year old's school fees. Whatever the predicament, we are here to help.

Don’t keep your burden to self, share with us! Rest assured that all information shared is private and confidential.

We provide fast Loan approvals on the spot at Lowest interest Rates with 100% transparency with no guarantor is required.

Our Customers come first

Customer Centric Approach

Golden Credit is established with the aim of helping those who are in need of instant cash to tide through a difficult period. A loan package is tailor according to your needs, and most importantly along with a repayment arrangement that is comfortable to you. Combining professionalism, excellent service and a keen understanding of the Golden Credit. These hallmarks have earned us our creditability for customers to count on us repeatedly on their financial needs.

Customizations loan package according to customer’s requirements is our core competency and deeply rooted in all aspect of Golden Credit.

To us, our customer comes first. We believe all customers should have a piece of mind when selecting their financing provider. Therefore, it is important that you are able to secure a customised loan that suits your current situation without compromising on your current commitments.

Our Mission

We are here to provide the cash you need through our loan solutions. We have helped thousands of people and our satisfied customers have become our loyal clients. As a licensed moneylender, we offer variety of affordable loan solutions.

Contact us today to find out how we can ease your loan needs. Sometimes all we need is a little extra help.


We are ready to offer you several types of loan


Personal Loan

Our Personal Loan can be used for different urgent cash needs such as paying off some urgent bills or simply buying a gift for your loved one.


Short-Term Loan

Also known as a payday loan, our short-term loan is perfect for you if you just need some extra cash to help you until you get your next paycheck.


Debt Consolidation Loan

Our debt consolidation loan combines your existing multiple loan into one loan! This basically means you no longer have to keep your eyes on multiple bills with differing interest rates.


Credit Preservation Loan

Want to keep your credit record in good standing? Is your credit woes getting out of hand? If your answer is yes, then our credit preservation plan is ideal for your case.



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